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The Oukaïmeden Observatory (IAU J43)
The Oukaïmeden Observatory located at 50km south of of Marrakech (Morocco) is operated by the Cadi Ayyad University and have been inaugurated in 2007. Located in the High Atlas mountains, at an elevation of 2750m, the observatory benefits of good observing conditions in a semi desertic area with a median seeing of 1 arcsec.
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[PDF, 239kB]"Optical seeing monitoring at the Oukaïmeden in the Moroccan
high atlas mountains: first statistics"

Astronomy&Astrophysics 441, ESO, 19 May 2005
The Morocco Oukaïmeden Sky Survey project
In August 2011, the Laboratoire de Physique des Hautes Energies et d'Astrophysique (Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech), the Société jurassienne d'astronomie (Switzerland) and the french amateur astronomer Claudine Rinner have signed a cooperation agreement to establish the Morocco Oukaïmeden Sky Survey (MOSS). The Cadi Ayyad University has provided the observatory building, the Société jurassienne d'astronomie the 3.2m dome and Claudine Rinner the 0.50m F/D=3.0 telescope.

The MOSS project have been sponsored by the Schoch Foundation (Zurich), the Commission romande de physique (Switzerland), the Edgar Wilson Charitable Trust Fund (SAO, Boston) and the Planetary Society (Californie).
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