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The Oukaïmeden Observatory (J43) is located
in the Atlas mountains (Morocco) at an elevation of 2750m

A remote 0.50m telescope is in operation since October 2011.
A team of international amateur astronomers are conducting a survey of
small solar system bodies in the course of the "Morocco Oukaïmeden Sky Survey" (MOSS).
Discoveries at J43 - MOSS (08.11.2014)
C/2013 V5 (Oukaimeden)
P/2013 CE31 (MOSS)
C/2012 CH17 (MOSS)
P/2011 W2 (RINNER)
2013 YL2
2012 RM2
2011 VP12
Minor Planets
Named objects0
Numbered objects261
Designations found2033
07.11.2014 - Michel Ory take about MOSS on the RCE in Paris 
 Find Michel Ory on a conference about the first results with MOSS Project on the "Rencontres du ciel et de l'espace 2014". The appointment is at 14h30, Sunday the 9th November 2014 on the room 2 at the Cite des sciences et de l'industrie in Paris. 
16.04.2014 - 2013 Edgar Wislon Award 
 Congratulations Claudine! The famous MOSS member Claudine Rinner has just receieved yesterday the 2013 Edgar Wilson Award for her discoveries of three comets: P/2011 W2 (Rinner), C/2012 CH13(MOSS) and P/2013 CE31(MOSS). This is the fifteenth consecutive year that Awards have been given for the discoveries of comets by amateurs.  
27.12.2013 - Third NEO discovered 
 A new NEO - indentified as 2013 YL2 - has been discovered by MOSS team on December 23 2013. This new Amor object is crossing the orbits of Mercury, Venus, the Earth and Mars. 

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