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The Oukaïmeden Observatory (J43) is located
in the Atlas mountains (Morocco) at an elevation of 2750m

A remote 0.50m telescope is in operation since October 2011.
A team of international amateur astronomers are conducting a survey of
small solar system bodies in the course of the "Morocco Oukaïmeden Sky Survey" (MOSS).
Discoveries at J43 - MOSS (17.06.2018)
281P / MOSS
C/2013 V5 (Oukaimeden)
C/2012 CH17 (MOSS)
P/2011 W2 (RINNER)
2017 YE5
2016 PM
2016 HX3
2013 YL2
2012 RM2
2011 VP12
Minor Planets
Designations found4660
Named objects0
Numbered objects0
Worldwide MPC Rank25
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Rare Double Asteroid discovered at Oukaimeden Observatory (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)
12.07.2018 - A PHA discovered by MOSS is a binary asteroid 
 The PHA 2017 YE5 was discovered at Oukaimeden Observatory on 2017 November 21 by Claudine Rinner. Late June 2018, three of the most wide radiotelescopes on the world (Goldstone, Arecibo and Green Bank) make some radar observations of 2017 YE5 during a close encounter to Earth. The result is amasing: 2017 YE5 is a binary asteroids with quite large size (900 meters for each body). All the story of this important discovery is on the JPL Website 
13.02.2018 - 1000 asteroids rediscovered 
 The MOSS team has recovered more than 1000 asteroids during the periode 2011-2017. 
04.03.2017 - MOSS audio presentation ! 
 Dr Al Grauer, an astrophysicist of the Catalina Sky Survey have made a short web and audio presentation of our MOSS project. See here:
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